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I have always been a bit on the skinny side....weighing in at an average of 135 pounds throughout my high school and college years. I just could not gain the weight. I don’t have any knowledge of nutrition and what I need to put in my body to help bulk up. I finally took the next step and decided to try the Fitness Accelerator to get guided plan.

The Fitness Accelerator helped me setup a great diet through the Perfect Plate Planner App and provided the workout plan to help me put on muscle. After 8 weeks of following the diet and workout plan, I have gained 10 pounds which I never thought I could have.

What I like about The Fitness Accelerator was how knowledgeable and professional Matt was in all of the instructional videos. I learned things i would never of known about how the body works.

I found the experience very pleasant and I would recommend The Fitness Accelerator to anyone who struggles with gaining weight like myself or anyone who just wants that beach body ready for the summer. The Fitness Accelerator will get you there!
Matt Davis
Matt Davis
The Fitness Accelerator got me back in the gym consistently for the first time in years. The workouts made a positive difference in the way I felt about myself and how I felt after a long day at my physically demanding job.
I really enjoyed becoming comfortable in the gym and getting a better understanding the importance of nutrition and workout combined. Weightlifting was intimidating for me at first, but the program made the learning curve manageable and fun. Progressing a little at a time and adding weight and new exercises felt safe, but also exciting.


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