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Andrew Therrien
Can't think of a better place to start reaching your goals than here! Loads of very useful knowledge for both beginners and Advanced athletes! The honesty and integrity is unmatched and separates TFR from anyone else. I've loved the progress I've made from the useful tools and videos! Great people overall
Bryce Allard
I’m not going to lie. I was pretty skeptical of this whole process at the beginning and to be honest, I completely doubted it. I had a hurt back and never thought that anything would seriously work. I was sorely mistaken. You were a great coach and i truly consider you a friend. Like honestly if I make it to the east coast I WILL be hitting you up to hang out at least once.
The journey with you was awesome and I appreciate it immensely! It wasn’t cheap, it wasn’t easy and at times it wasn’t fun but it was definitely eye opening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and believe me when I say, I will be back, and I will prove that a MN branch of TFR is worth it! Thanks again and I promise you haven’t heard the last of me!
Ryan Moyen
I promised Matt I’d make a write up for the program. This is my progress from when I started in July to early December with intermittent breaks due to real life things, such as moving across country and work related. I’m still very much self conscious about photos, so this is the best I can really do as a then/now. I’ve lost 30lbs, I gained muscle, stamina, definition, and felt overall better about health and myself. I’m still working towards my goal, but my progress is undeniable. Thanks to Matt Wilbur’s patience and efforts I was able to take massive steps forward to improving my image and personal confidence in how I look and feel. With out his meal and gym-routine plans (those videos are super helpful to me) I would have never been able to achieve this much so quickly. The guided plans he provided are awesome, and helped me value and understand the routines far more than I had before when going at it without real structure. I’d wholly recommend going at Matt’s plans 100% and you will see results.
Mike Degeis
Hard F**kin work! Let’s gooooooo! Matt Wilbur and Fitness Rebels here to improve not only our bodies but our Mental Health! Teaching, mentoring, and undeniable support. I don’t know about you boys but I’m down almost 30. Walking around better than I was in the Marine Corps. I owe to you Matty!
Thanks for helping me find myself again kid. I owe you. One extra set for on the chest for you tonight Rebels! #Brotherhood!
Dan Reagan
I’ve learned so much so far – the correct form for all exercises- leading to those strength gains, tips and tricks for significantly reducing soreness, the importance of matching training with proper nutrition and what an impact that has, how to build a complete and well rounded fit life, and much more. Coach Matt is a beast and has been with us every step of the way. He’s just as committed to my goals as I am, which is awesome. Best of luck to all on their journey. LET’S GOOOOOO!
Matt Reagan
The Fitness Rebellion program is everything I wanted and more. If you stick to the nutrition plan and push yourself during each and every workout, at the end of the plan you will have the body you always wanted. It really is that simple. The plan is so easy to follow, between eating healthy meals and each rep of your workout, there is guidance along the way. Hope everyone loves this plan as much as I have!
Tessa Reece
I've worked with fitness Rebellion trainerMatt seriously (worked with Matt for 3 months in July of 2018 but my mindset wasnt where it needed to be) since feburary of 2019. I've had great success with the program provided. Matt's great about keeping in touch and being there to motivate you through all the obstacles you may face. Nutrition is realistic and so delicious. Hes great about making meals that appeal to your taste buds. I'm looking at doing another 12 weeks with the fitness Rebellion family! Weather you are looking for weight loss or just some guidence I would highly recommend the trainersat fitness Rebellion. They are amazing! You're family! I'll be back to add photos of my Journey with Matt at fitness Rebellion!
Sean Stephen
Looking for a place to change your mindset, your focus and your body, this is it!! Thorough programming, nutritional concepts and great workouts!! Love what these guys are creating!! Feels like I’m truly a part of a rebellion! These guys eat, sleep, talk the talk and certainly walk the walk! Check them out!
Sam Walls
Matt Wilbur and The Fitness Rebellion has changed my life more than I could have ever imagined when I began my 17 week journey. I was very skeptical when I first came across the Facebook page due to all the Fitness marketing that hits us all on a daily basis. I am here to tell you the Fitnees Rebellion is the REAL DEAL!! Matt and myself talked for about an hour when I began to determine my goals and he help me achieve every single one! From nutrition to workout programs his knowledge is amazing. The support from Matt and others in the program was such a great asset for those weeks when I just needed that little push to carry on. With all that I gained from this program I am now able to help my family with their own fitness goals. I have been Blessed for life. Thanks Matt Wilbur and The Fitness Rebellion💪🏼💪🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸Changing the World one Rep at a time💪🏼💪🏼
Josh Sisco
Matt and his team has went above and beyond to help me on my journey to a healthy life. Fitness Rebellionis nothing but helpful and positive in this process. I couldn’t be thankful enough nor say thank you enough for the impact Matt has made on my life. Thank you again for everything you have done for me!
David Golden
This is a genuinely interactive workout plan where they stay in contact with you to keep you going. They coach you the whole way through to help you understand what’s going on with your plan and your body. This was a great way for me to start back working out 💪🙂👍
Will Lawler
I've been working out for just over a year now with Matt and can say two things for sure: 1) Matt is the man 2) He will get you in shape. We accomplished the annual goals we laid out when we first started the sessions (gained 20lbs+), and are on great track for our year two goals! He's done an amazing job of teaching form, pushing me, and keeping me injury free. I didn't have much experience in the gym when we started and he has established the basics, added complexity and difficulty, and kept the workouts variable to keep things interesting. I highly recommend Matt and The Fitness Rebellion!
Monty Montgomery
Everything about it. the program is sculpted around the individual, it's all about accountability, you'll get what you put into it. The program listens to your needs, it's set up for you to succeed, I think it's phenomenal how Mattis accessible and one on one, he will not allow you to fail.
Aj Tourigney
After working out for several years on my own, I had hit a plateau and was ready to take it to the next level. Thanks to Matt Wilbur, I was able to learn new techniques in the gym, incorporate a food plan, and build mass. No way I could have achieved new goals, feel better, and want to crush it at the gym without Matt. Thanks my friend for the effort - worth every penny.
John Leblanc
The program was everything I needed! I set my goal to lose 30lbs and killed it in 17 weeks with the help of Matt! But it wasn't only weight loss, it was getting my body in the best shape I've ever been in. I feel F***ing awesome! Everything is presented so well that it makes it easy to change your life style for the better. There is a stack of reasons why this will help you with your goals, but for me to explain all of them this recommendation would be incredibly long! If the knowledge wasn't enough then the awesome community you join should certainly put you over the edge! I can't thank you enough for helping show me what is possible!
Mike Cavooto
Amazing!! Matt was extremely accommodating to all personal needs. For me he made perfect workouts and made them easy to understand. The meal plan was fantastic, my metabolism went into burn mode in the first week and the weight started coming off immediately. We hit all the personal goals I had in 8 weeks. Being a motocross racer I was asked to move into the pro class at my home track which was my personal goal. Thank you matt!
Wes Miller
The Fitness Rebellion is a great fitness plan and community. I'd highly recommend it for anyone who is genuinely seeking to make some positive lifestyle changes in the area of fitness and health. My coach Matt Wilbur is absolutely incredible to work with! 3 Things stand out for me with Matt and #TheFitnessRebellion; knowledge they provide in fitness, around the clock encouragement and support, and the tools provided to be successful. This is no "group think-cookie cutter" program. YOUR individual goals determine YOUR individual program and it's constantly tweaked to help you get there. My past four months definitely put me on a path I don't want to leave so whether I'm on a active program or not I'll always stick close to this community.
I have always been a bit on the skinny side....weighing in at an average of 135 pounds throughout my high school and college years. I just could not gain the weight. I don’t have any knowledge of nutrition and what I need to put in my body to help bulk up. I finally took the next step and decided to try the Fitness Accelerator to get guided plan.

The Fitness Accelerator helped me setup a great diet through the Perfect Plate Planner App and provided the workout plan to help me put on muscle. After 8 weeks of following the diet and workout plan, I have gained 10 pounds which I never thought I could have.

What I like about The Fitness Accelerator was how knowledgeable and professional Matt was in all of the instructional videos. I learned things i would never of known about how the body works.

I found the experience very pleasant and I would recommend The Fitness Accelerator to anyone who struggles with gaining weight like myself or anyone who just wants that beach body ready for the summer. The Fitness Accelerator will get you there!
Matt Davis
The Fitness Accelerator got me back in the gym consistently for the first time in years. The workouts made a positive difference in the way I felt about myself and how I felt after a long day at my physically demanding job.
I really enjoyed becoming comfortable in the gym and getting a better understanding the importance of nutrition and workout combined. Weightlifting was intimidating for me at first, but the program made the learning curve manageable and fun. Progressing a little at a time and adding weight and new exercises felt safe, but also exciting.

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