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09 Dec

Here are 5 tips for a bigger, stronger bench from a guy who could barely bench 95lbs when he first got started.

1️⃣Foot Placement
2️⃣Pinning your shoulder blades to the bench and pulling them together and back (Scapula retraction and depression)
3️⃣Tuck the elbows
4️⃣Grip the bar hard and keep your wrists straight
5️⃣Time + Consistency

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06 Dec

1. Determine if it is actually a plateau
✅ What’s your level of adherence to the plan? (be honest with yourself)
✅ Are you miscounting, measuring correctly, training hard?
✅ Have you had any drastic changes in sodium water intake?
✅ Are you new to weight lifting?
✅ Have you actually been on a plan long enough to see results?

2. Adjust your plan as needed
🍳 Nutrition
🏃‍♂️ Cardio
😴 Improve sleep
😡 Lower stress
✅ Check for vitamin & mineral deficiencies
🍚 Utilize a carb re-feed, cheat meal, or diet break if needed