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How would it feel if you LOOKED GREAT SHIRTLESS, woke up with ENERGY and had the ENDURANCE to outlast your kids?
Steps To Working Together
Step 1 - Apply
Select a time below where you can be in a quiet place & take notes. Then complete the brief application & enter your payment details. The "cost" of this evaluation is just $57.
Step 2 - Discover
Show up to your 1-1 video call ready to rock! We’re going to evaluate your current challenges, habits, goals & mindset to pinpoint the major roadblocks keeping you frustrated & stuck.
Step 3 - Prescribe
I’ll provide you with tactical insight on how to go from struggling & stressed with your fitness to confident, energetic, & excited with a personalized blueprint created just for you.
Step 4 - Invite
If we both agree that my coaching is the best & fastest route for you to reclaim your energy & health, I’ll invite you to join our rebel family & we’ll get you started immediately.
Who Is This For?

This is for committed dads & high performing professionals who are serious about looking great shirtless, & maximizing their energy to be more present with their kids, more attractive to their spouse, & more productive in their career.
Whether you’ve been struggling for years, not sure where to start, can't seem to "find the time", or keep saying "I'll start tomorrow" we can help & this might be the most important call you’ll ever schedule.

What Is Included In The $57 Consultation?
  • 45 Minute 1-1 ZOOM Evaluation w/ An Expert Trainer & Nutritionist so that you get personalized guidance on what to do & where to start in order to get the body & energy you deserve ($175 Value)
  • ​Habit & Routine Audit so that getting fit, lean, & looking great shirtless becomes almost “automatic”, like brushing your teeth. ​($80 Value)
  • ​Nutrition Review to create a nutrition strategy that allows you to eat the foods you love while losing fat, maximizing energy, & keeping you full! ​($80 Value)
  • Fitness Assessment so that we can put together an efficient plan that maximizes your muscularity & athleticism while minimizing the time spent working out.
  • Vision Map to end "motivational ruts" by tying your habits & big vision into a bulletproof mindset framework ($50 Value)
  • ​4-Step Transformation Blueprint to gain complete clarity on how to permanently transform your body & become the healthy, energetic role model for your spouse & kids ($100 Value)
Why Is The Consultation $57?
Number 1 - It Allows Us To Focus On Getting You Results Immediately

All the other "coaches" out there are going to put you on a free “strategy call” with one of their sales reps. You'll spend the entire time with the sales rep (not an expert) trying to sell you into a program because they get paid on commission.

With our unique process, there is zero pressure on my team or I to “make a sale” because you already paid for a spot on our calendar.

The only pressure will be on us to blow you away with valuable & feedback that benefits you whether you enroll into one of our coaching program or not.

I will ONLY invite you to join one of my coaching programs if we both agree it is the BEST & FASTEST way for you to start feeling energetic, confident, & happy with what you see in the mirror.

And if it isn't, NO WORRIES! I'll ensure you leave our call educated & empowered with the exact blueprint for you to achieve your goals on your own & a robust data base of FREE trainings to assist you on your journey.

Now that's a WIN-WIN!

Number 2 - We Value What We Pay For More & It Shows Me Your Serious.

Free never works because there is no "skin in the game".

How many "free" diets, workouts, advice have you gotten that went no where?

When we take our hard earned money, we show up on time & we take it seriously because there is “skin in the game”.

I don't have time for BS and I’m only looking for clients that are extremely serious about getting results.

At the end of the day, if someone is not serious enough to put down $57 to receive 45 minutes of personalized guidance from an expert coach, then I'm not willing to sacrifice my team or I's time.
If there are no times available that you can give 100% of your attention for a full 45 min, please tap here to send us a message.
    REAL Results From Real Men Just Like You...
    Does Your Program Actually Work?
    What Our Clients Are Saying
    What's Included In Our Coaching Programs?


    Direct 1-to-1 access to your personal coach through voice/video/text chats in Voxer. Our coaching is not just an app, a plan or a program - it goes much deeper than that. Our impact and results come from building professional relationships with our clients; we communicate, we listen, we teach you how to succeed & hold you to a higher standard.


    This is NOT a diet! We give you the blueprint and guide you to build a nutritional approach that you can sustain. Your nutrition has to work with your lifestyle while aligning with your goal. Get in the best shape of your life while still enjoying the food you love.


    No cookie cutter plans here. We develop your training plan specifically for you in alignment with your lifestyle, fitness level, current mobility and goals. Your plan is fluid, progressive & adaptable so we get in, get shit done, and get on with the day.


    This is a time to reflect with your coach on the past week, highlighting what you are winning at and what you need to improve on to keep moving forward. You get lazer focused on the actions needed for ultimate success.


    A library and powerful resource, full of videos, cheatsheets, and guides to enhance your knowledge on nutrition, exercise and mindset. Applied knowledge is vital to build confidence in what you're doing to be able to take control of your health and fitness.


    Each month you'll get a 45 min call (voice or video) with your coach to really delve deep and reflect on the struggles and successes of the past month and set a solid plan of action to keep progressing.


    A badass community of like-minded dads from around the globe, who are all on similar journeys to yourself. Everyone is there to support, encourage, & challenge each other to step into their best self.. It's the inner circle where you can find top tips, recipes, extra accountability & support.


    A small but very effective part of your journey. A powerful tool to access all your personalized workouts (all with video tutorials), and track your continued progress, on the go, 24/7, anywhere in the world. This is not a guessing game & if we wan to move FAST we need to leverage technology and data to ensure everything is moving in the right direction.


    A chance to ask questions and get specific answers relating to your personal journey. Get involved with our group community calls as we focus on relevant topics to enhance personal standards and expand your knowledge and confidence.
    Here's Some More Proof
    What Our Clients Are Saying
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