The Fitness Industry didn’t see this one coming…

Did you?

Do you struggle to lose weight or build muscle?

Do you find it difficult to know exactly what foods you should eat?

Do you feel like your body is working against you?

If you said yes to any of the questions above this may be the most important page you ever read.

If you're like most Americans you've tried more than a few of the fitness fads. You danced to the workout DVD’s, you bought the in-home treadmill and workout machines, heck, maybe you even drank the diet shakes, and ate the weight loss meals, but somehow… someway… you still did not find the results you wanted.

How can this be?...

Even worse… why is this it the case for 4 out of 5 Americans who are overweight or obese?


Because this is exactly how the big corporations, and fitness giants intended it to be.

Is it really possible that in 2017, in AMERICA, a world leader in technology and innovation, that we haven’t learned how to lose weight and keep it off? We haven’t found a way to build muscle, and maintain it?

At times this sure seems to be the case. In fact, “American’s are the largest consumers of weight loss products in the world spending more than $60 billion dollars a year, and yet also lead the world in obesity and unhealthy lifestyle”.

The honest truth… It’s NOT your fault…

This is exactly how the industry has grown to become a MASSIVE empire, this is exactly how it was designed.

The idea for the big corporations is simple, only address
to part of the problem, but never EVER solve it.

Offer a diet plan, but don’t offer a comprehensive workout plan.

Offer the comprehensive workout plan, but don’t offer a solution to cardio, flexibility, and mobility.

Offer one piece of workout equipment, but not plan for sustainable long term results.

Any of this seem familiar?...

Simply put, they do not offer a system that truly solves the problem. That is part of the reason why 4 out of 5 Americans struggle to lose weight and live healthy lifestyles.

This is the direct result of placing profits before people. The statistics, sadly do not lie…

So what would happen if you put people, and their results first, instead of getting rich? What would be the outcome if the goal was to solve the problem and not “treat a symptom”.

The result would be our 1-1 Elite Online Coaching.

Here at the Fitness Rebellion, we dared to think different. We believe that if we solve the problem,
you'll want to continue to grow with us, because you'll stick around for the RESULTS.

That is exactly why we specifically designed our 5-Step System to provide you with absolutely everything you need to be successful!

We stand to educate people that with the right foundational knowledge of nutrition and training, you can rely on these basic principals for 1, 2, 5, and even 10 years to build the results you want and maintain them, without sacrificing your life to do it.

When you start the Elite 1-1 Online Coaching program you will notice that we left nothing to chance. We believe in a lifestyle approach to fitness and it shines throughout the entire program. Fitness shouldn’t take over your life, it should complement it. That is why our program starts you out with only three days a week in the gym.

The Elite 1-1 Online Coaching program is designed to guide you step by step through your entire transformation. Unlike most programs that simply throw together their information in a pdf, our program contains quick and easy instructional videos, showing exactly what you need to get the most out of your journey. We made it a point to be with you every step (and rep) of the way.

We start the entire first week with mindset, because we know if we can get you in the right place mentally, you will be prepared and ready to conquer your first day in the gym on week two. During the first week we cover all the basics such as sleep, hydration, nutrition, and even a few of Matt Wilbur’s fitness hacks that can easily double your results.

After you've built your mental dream physique (an actual exercise within week 1) we take you to craft that physique in real time. Each week your dedicated coach is covering exactly what you can expect, as well as ways to maximize your results, and some of the common mistakes to avoid.

You can easily track each and every workout through our mobile application.

When it comes time to complete an exercise, you simply follow along with the exercise instructional videos, which demonstrate proper form, as well as common mistakes to avoid. We take it even a step further and if you're not sure that you're performing the movement correctly, simply send it to your dedicated coach for cueing instructions.

When you join our Elite 1-1 Online Coaching you'll receive:

• Your own personal dedicated 1-1 coach available 24/7
• Access to our comprehensive library of quick and easy instructional videos
• Our custom meal planning tool built to make nutrition simple!
• A week of mindset and motivation to get you ready for results
• A fully custom progressive weight training plan to build muscle
• A targeted cardio plan to increase stamina and burn fat
• Flexibility and mobility drills to decrease risk of injury
• A quick and easy 40 recipe ebook
• A motivational playlist
• A recommended (but not required) gym accessory guide
• A recommended (but not required) supplement guide
• A Pre-workout Nutrition Protocol
• Access to additional tips and tricks in our Knowledge Center

Answers To Your Questions

Is 1-1 Elite Online Coaching just for fat loss or can I use it to build muscle?

Whether you’re looking to build muscle or to lose fat and we custom tailor ever piece of your program specifically to your desired goal.

Do I need to buy any special supplements?

At The Fitness Rebellion we are strong believers in a whole food approach to nutrition and acknowledge that the majority of supplements out there are a waste of your hard earned money. However, we do make a few recommendations for supplements that are based in science and can be beneficial to your overall results.

Do I need a gym for 1-1 Elite Online Coaching or can I work out at home?

No, with our 1-1 Elite Online Coaching we customize everything to your exact needs. That being said we highly recommend access to dumbbells, a squat rack, olympic barbell, an adjustable bench, and plenty of weight.

Do I get to have cheat meals?

Yes! Cheat meals play an important in role in furthering our fat loss and muscle building goals. They also aid in keeping a balanced and realistic lifestyle approach to health and fitness.

How soon can I expect to see results?

This isn’t a fitness fad or quick-fix bullshit! It’s a lifestyle of fitness based on core foundational health & fitness principals.

With that in mind, you should notice a difference in your mentality within the first week of the program and should begin seeing results within the 2nd week when you start hitting the gym and following the nutrition!

We Stand Behind Our Program

If you follow all the steps, listen to and communicate with your coach throughout the program including going to the gym, following the nutrition, you will get the results.

Our process works 100% of the time for those that give it 100%.


Start Building Your Dream Physique Today!

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