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What is The Fitness Rebellion?

Frequently asked questions about your The Fitness Rebellion.

What is The Fitness Rebellion?

The Fitness Rebellion is not just a name– it’s a promise. We knew if we wanted to make a change, we had to do something bold, we couldn’t just fit in. We had to do something bigger—something better… And so, the Fitness Rebellion was born.

The Fitness Rebellion is here to bring back integrity, honesty, and respect to an industry that has lost it’s values.

We believe in you, and we are here for your results and your success. We promise to always go the extra mile, never mislead our members, and always do what’s right, not settling for what is easy.

Our mission is simple, transform lives through a no BS, lifestyle approach to health, fitness, and physique building.

•Are you someone who does not settle for the status quo?
•Do you strive to make a difference in not only yourself but in others?

Then welcome to The Fitness Rebellion.

What are your core values?

Honesty- We never use gimmicks or mislead our viewers with false or incomplete information

Transparency- We always present both the challenge and the reward

Integrity- Always choosing the right path, not settling for what is easy.

Obsessed with success- We never quit when the going gets tough, we dig deep and keep going

Heart(caring)- We vow to never give up on anyone who doesn’t give up on themselves

The Fitness Accelerator

Frequently asked questions about The Fitness Accelerator

Who is The Fitness Accelerator designed for?

The program is designed to transform your physique whether you’re looking to build muscle or to lose fat and we’ve tailored key elements of the program specifically to your desired goal. If you’ve tried to get in shape in the past and failed or your’re just getting started with achieving your dream physique, this program is for you!

Do I need a gym membership to complete the program?

Yes, The Fitness Accelerate is designed specifically for a commercial gym as it uses a variety of exercises and equipment that would be difficult to re-create for in-home use. However, if in-home fitness is your thing, stay tuned for our in-home program!

What gym equipment do I need to complete the program?

Will I be shown how to use the equipment?

We have a comprehensive library of quick and easy to understand instructional videos for every exercise. You will be taught proper technique and common mistakes to avoid.

Why is your program 17 weeks long?

The Fitness Accelerator is designed around our 5-step system that doesn’t just throw you into the fire, it rather builds you up along the way in order to ensure that you reach your goal. The keys to transforming your physique are the foundation of our system: Mindset, Nutrition, Progressive Resistance Training, Targeted Cardio, and Flexibility & Mobility.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

We actually have something better, a double money back guarantee! If you follow all the steps throughout the program including going to the gym, following the nutrition, and performing the targeted cardio as outlined and do not receive results, we will kindly reimburse you with double what you paid for giving our life changing program an opportunity.

I enrolled in The Fitness Accelerator Program But haven't Received It Yet

You should receive a login name and password within 10 minutes of your purchase. If you haven’t received your login credentials yet, please send us a message and our support team will happily assist you.

The Perfect Plate Planner App

Frequently asked questions about The Perfect Plate Planner App

What makes this app different from other nutrition apps?

Unlike other tracking apps, The Perfect Plate Planner provides a structure for you to not only reach your fitness goals, but to improve your overall level of health. Simply, enter your details, select the foods that you enjoy to customize each of your meals, use the built in grocery list to to shop for only the items that you need, and enjoy the results!

How does the app work?

The app calculates your macronutrient needs based on a variety of factors: Age, Gender, Height, Weight, Activity Level, and goal. From there the app builds all of your meals which you can edit based on your likes, dislikes with the ability to plan up to 7-days of meals.

Where can I download the app?

Coming soon!

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