Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Fitness Rebellion?

Frequently asked questions about The Fitness Rebellion.

What is The Fitness Rebellion?

The Fitness Rebellion is not just a name– it’s a promise. We knew if we wanted to make a change, we had to do something bold, we couldn’t just fit in. We had to do something bigger—something better… And so, the Fitness Rebellion was born.

The Fitness Rebellion is here to bring back integrity, honesty, and respect to an industry that has lost it’s values.

We believe in you, and we are here for your results and your success. We promise to always go the extra mile, never mislead our members, and always do what’s right, not settling for what is easy.

Our mission is simple, transform lives through a no BS, lifestyle approach to health, fitness, and physique building.

•Are you someone who does not settle for the status quo?
•Do you strive to make a difference in not only yourself but in others?

Then welcome to The Fitness Rebellion.

What are your core values?

Honesty- We never use gimmicks or mislead our viewers with false or incomplete information

Transparency- We always present both the challenge and the reward

Integrity- Always choosing the right path, not settling for what is easy.

Obsessed with success- We never quit when the going gets tough, we dig deep and keep going

Heart(caring)- We vow to never give up on anyone who doesn’t give up on themselves

What Is The Fitness Rebellion Elite Online Fitness, Food, and Mindset Coaching?

Frequently asked questions about our coaching programs

Who is your coaching designed for?

Anyone who has decided that enough is enough and they’re ready to commit 100% to permanently transforming their body and life.

Do I need a gym membership?

No, we have plenty of clients that work out at home, while traveling, and in commercial gyms. We tailor each program to your wants and needs.

Will I be shown how to use the equipment?

We have a comprehensive library of quick and easy to understand instructional videos for every exercise. You will be taught proper technique and common mistakes to avoid.

Additionally your coach will form check any exercise videos that you send them.

Do I get a meal plan?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is while we do provide meal plans, we go so much deeper than that.

The reality is if you have to rely on a coach to build you a meal plan for the rest of your life, you’re in trouble.

We aim to teach you a flexible approach nutrition so that you understand how to do this yourself long term and are in control of your body.

Additionally, it’s important that you know how to eat the foods that you love and enjoy them without sacrificing results.

How long are your programs

That completely depends on an individuals goals and needs and we will recommend different durations based on our initial interview & assessment, but the minimum duration is 17 weeks.

Results take time and we are fully committed to getting you where you want to be and want to ensure we plan accordingly.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

We guarantee that our personalized programs work 100% of the time when the individual gives it 100% and actively communicates any obstacles they are facing with their coach.

We will go to the ends of earth to make sure you have what you need as well as hold you accountable, but we cannot lift the weights for you or eat the foods for you.

We work as a team and the expectation is that both of us are working our asses off together.


How much do your programs cost?

The cost completely depends on what you need. We don’t sell cookie cutter plans. Everything is custom to you and your specific needs and goals.

Additionally, not everyone is truly ready to change.

We can only work with individuals that are 100% committed to the process.

The only true way for us to find out of all this information is by having you fill out an application and scheduling a free 45 minute No BS Strategy call where we can really go deep into what you’re looking to achieve, what you need to be successful, and why it’s actually important to make that change now.

Can you send me a sample program?

Not to sound like an ass, but no.

Since everything is tailored to the individual it would be a breach of confidentiality to share any materials that we have created for another client.