The Fitness Industry Is Dead...

What if at this very moment you were told the Fitness Industry is dead… Would you believe it?...

It might sound a little outrageous, but a closer look may tell a different story…

Despite all of the ads you might see for the “newest revolutionary” fitness products that make the empty promise to get you in the best shape of your life in only two weeks. Despite that most Americans have convenient access to one or more fitness centers nearby. Despite that Americans are the largest consumers of weight loss products in the world (spending more than 60 billion dollars a year) , they lead it, that’s right lead the world in obesity, unhealthy lifestyles, and preventable chronic illnesses.

Why are so few truly achieving their fitness goals? Why are so many suffering from chronic aches and pains that are preventable? Why are so many feeling run down, tired, and struggling to get through their day to day?

It’s because the fitness industry is dead (and we'll tell you what killed it in just a minute).

Time For Change

On a bitter, snowy December morning, over two heaping plates of steak, eggs, and potatoes a handshake was made---and a rebellion was born-- The Fitness Rebellion.

This was the exact moment when competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer Matt Wilbur and long time best friend and Entrepreneur Matt DiBara made a decision that would begin to re-shape the entire Fitness Industry and their lives.

It’s time for integrity. It’s time for sincerity. It’s time to take a stand, and pave a new road for those willing to travel it.

Delicious steak and eggs breakfast

But how did all this begin?

When Matt Wilbur (or body builder Matt as some refer to him as, to distinguish between the two Matt’s) picked up his first barbell 10 years ago he didn’t set out to change the world. No, his mission was much different, much more personal.

Growing up Matt Wilbur was that skinny, goofy kid who was often bullied. This began as early as middle school and continued well into high school. There was one day in particular that stands out for Matt. He was walking home from the 5th grade and a group of 7th graders were following behind. For some reason they singled out Matt that day, hurling insults at him as they tossed a soccer ball back and forth, calling him “moles”, laughing, slinging every insult you can imagine. Though Matt’s temper was starting to boil, he played it cool. As he rounded the corner to Main Street across from the local library, that’s when the biggest of the group, William, launched the soccer ball at the back of Matt’s head. When the soccer ball connected with Matt’s head, a switch flipped, the anger boiled over and Matt turned to take a stand.

Without thinking, he responded with two quick punches right below his aggressors nose. While it stunned and surprised the bully, bringing a slight watering to his eye, the bully was much bigger and stronger, putting Matt in a headlock. Despite Matt’s efforts and struggles, he couldn’t break free until a nearby police officer noticed the scuffle and told the boys to break it up.

This sparked a fire in Matt that would slowly burn until early in his high school years, when his older brother began taking him along to lift weights.

What Started as an Interest Became an Obsession

The early years were filled with mistakes. The brothers didn’t have a great idea of what they were doing in the beginning and Matt just followed along with whatever his older brother Sean did. At first all they did was bench press, then they would bench press one day and “train back” another by running intervals at a local park, doing as many pull-ups as they could and then return home to do some haphazard deadlifts. To get bigger all Matt knew was that he needed to eat more, so he would eat four peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday and have a scoop of protein powder.

What made Matt's journey special however was his obsession to learn more. As his grew, he didn’t just want to be strong, he wanted to build the best-looking body, like his idol Arnold Schwarzenegger and all of the physiques he saw in the bodybuilding book his brother purchased for him one Christmas. He began to review what techniques and training methods the physiques he idolized were using. He’d carefully record all of his workouts and assess why certain techniques, pieces of advice, or nutrition strategies succeeded or failed. He always hungered for more knowledge to build the perfect physique.

While most kids spend their Friday nights out partying, Matt was in his room spending hours online researching and reading articles until his eyes couldn’t concentrate. He simply could not consume enough information. He followed the best bodybuilders and strength coaches. Taking every opportunity he could to learn under a new coach. Matt adopted what he coined as a “lifestyle approach to fitness” because as Matt says, “no one wants to live in the gym, we may like it, or even love it, but life has always been about balance and fitness should enhance your life, not take it over.”

As the years of experience increased, so did his mission. He began competing, passing along his knowledge to friends, family members, and co-workers who all saw the radical transformation and wanted similar results. Most of all he continued learning.

It was at this time when his best friend Matt DiBara called him for something that would test his over 10 years of experience.

Injury was the answer

When Matt DiBara was struck by a car that ran a traffic light and herniated two discs in his back, he went the traditional route, seeing doctors, physical therapists, and following their advice--stretching, yoga, heating pads, ice packs, and anything else the medical community recommended. After almost 6 months of depression, weight gain, pain medicine, a cortisone shot, and still in pain, something needed to change. Matt DiBara leaned on the healthiest person he knew for answers. “Matt, can you help me? No one can seem to get me back on track with this, I feel good for a few weeks and then it is right back to the pain as soon as I stop the regiment, I can’t see a physical therapist the rest of my life.” Matt’s answer “give me a few days”.

A few days passed and a custom workout plan was created, with exercises specific to the injury, a meal plan, targeted cardio, pre-workout SMR and post-workout stretching, and even a list of motivational videos and music to break Matt DiBara out of his depression to keep him motivated through the exercises. The workout plan consisted of three days in the gym, as Matt Wilbur stated, “If you continue to do the exercises at the correct form and tempo you don’t need to be in the gym for hours everyday. “

A few weeks passed, the weight shed, the pain began to subside, and most of all Matt DiBara’s mood shifted. Matt reached back out to his good friend and asked him how he did it, his answer, “Simple, I built up the antagonist muscle groups to further support the injured area.” Matt DiBara was amazed, and that is when the thought occurred to him. If Matt Wilbur was able to help his friends, family, clients, and Matt’s back injury, who else could benefit from this “lifestyle approach” to fitness.

That single question changed the path to both of their lives.

Lets Build This

As they began the research to see what solutions were offered, the problem quickly emerged. Matt Wilbur was in awe. He could not believe that with all the diet, fitness, and weight loss products that currently exist (over $60 billion a year spent) , that nearly 4 out of 5 adults are overweight or obese. If people can get in amazing shape utilizing a few basic principles and consistent hard work, then why are 4 out of 5 people not getting there?

It finally became crystal clear that the fitness industry was dead… people were being taken advantage of, overloaded with false information, gimmicks, and being swept up in fitness fads. Matt Wilbur and Matt DiBara promised that day at breakfast to deliver a tried and true system that anyone could use to create a lifestyle of fitness. They stood to educate people with the right foundational knowledge of nutrition and training. Basic principals you could rely on for 1, 2, 5, and even 10 years to build the results you want and maintain them, without sacrificing your life to do it.

They promised to bring honesty and integrity back, to never take shortcuts, to always do what is right, what is right for you, and never give up on anyone who didn’t give up on themselves.

The name “The Fitness Rebellion” was birthed to represent a promise to anyone who is bold enough to join the cause. Matt Wilbur and Matt DiBara wanted to make sure everyone knew what they stand for and that they are not part of the “empty promises” or the snake oil salesman ship. This battle cry shows up in everything they create.

From the workout plans, nutrition guidance, supplement guides, recipes, motivational music, The Fitness Rebellion really stands behind the promise to change the world, one family at a time.

The Fitness Rebellion Founders

So this leaves only one last question…

Will you continue to stand for the status quo, the gimmicks, and the empty promises, or will you join The Fitness Rebellion and craft your own story, forge your best self, and build your dream physique one rep at a time?....