Success Stories

Maurice's Transformation

Sam's Transformation

“Matt Wilbur and The Fitness Rebellion has changed my life more than I could have ever imagined when I began my 17 week journey. I was very skeptical when I first came across the Facebook page due to all the Fitness marketing that hits us all on a daily basis.

I am here to tell you the Fitnees Rebellion is the REAL DEAL!! Matt and myself talked for about an hour when I began to determine my goals and he help me achieve every single one! From nutrition to workout programs his knowledge is amazing.

The support from Matt and others in the program was such a great asset for those weeks when I just needed that little push to carry on. With all that I gained from this program I am now able to help my family with their own fitness goals. I have been Blessed for life.

Thanks Matt Wilbur and The Fitness Rebellion💪🏼💪🏼  Changing the World one Rep at a time💪🏼💪🏼”

– Sam

Johnny's Transformation

“The program was everything I needed! I set my goal to lose 30lbs and killed it in 17 weeks with the help of Matt! But it wasn’t only weight loss, it was getting my body in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I feel F***ing awesome! Everything is presented so well that it makes it easy to change your life style for the better. There is a stack of reasons why this will help you with your goals, but for me to explain all of them this recommendation would be incredibly long! If the knowledge wasn’t enough then the awesome community you join should certainly put you over the edge! I can’t thank you enough for helping show me what is possible!

– Johnny

Scott's Transformation

Dan's Transformation

“I’ve learned so much so far – the correct form for all exercises- leading to those strength gains, tips and tricks for significantly reducing soreness, the importance of matching training with proper nutrition and what an impact that has, how to build a complete and well rounded fit life, and much more.

Coach Matt is a beast and has been with us every step of the way. He’s just as committed to my goals as I am, which is awesome. Best of luck to all on their journey. LET’S GOOOOOO!”

– Dan

Matt's Transformation

“The Fitness Rebellion program is everything I wanted and more. If you stick to the nutrition plan and push yourself during each and every workout, at the end of the plan you will have the body you always wanted. It really is that simple.

The plan is so easy to follow, between eating healthy meals and each rep of your workout, there is guidance along the way. Hope everyone loves this plan as much as I have!”

– Matt

Rick's Transformation

“Matt has me in better shape now then when I was playing college baseball. 😎

– Rick

Monty's Transformation

“Everything about it. the program is sculpted around the individual, it’s all about accountability, you’ll get what you put into it. The program listens to your needs, it’s set up for you to succeed, I think it’s phenomenal how Matt is accessible and one on one, he will not allow you to fail.”

– Monty

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